Open Adoption in Phoenix AZ

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Family

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Couples who long to have a child, yet are experiencing difficulty, are turning to open adoption in Phoenix, AZ. Open adoption is the process of adoption that includes disclosing some or all of the information about the birth family and adoptive family. Open adoption can also mean the birth family and adoptive family have an on-going relationship after the child is placed for adoption.

Before the Adoption

Before an adoption takes place, birth parents have the chance to learn about many different possible adoptive families. The choice is up to the birthparents as to whom they choose to parent their baby. Some birthparents choose an adoptive family right away, while others take the entire nine months to make a decision.

The difference between a closed adoption and an open adoption is the birthparents see some of the indentifying information of the adoptive families. Each agency is different as to the information they provide to birthparents. Some birthparents and prospective adoptive parents meet in person before the baby is born and even visit each other’s homes. In other cases, the identifying information is kept to a minimum, but birthparents learn the important information to make the best decision.

After the Adoption

Before the adoption is finalized, the level of openness is determined. This needs to be agreed upon between the adoptive parents and the birthparents and usually involves a signed contract between both parties. Adoptive parents need to make sure they choose the level of openness they are comfortable with. This can range from the adoptive parents sending letters and pictures every few months to in-person meetings with the child and the birthparents a few times a year. Each case is different; the preferences of both sets of parents play a vital role.

Benefits of Open Adoption

There are many benefits to open adoption in Phoenix, AZ, but the main benefit is the ability of the adoptive parents to get to know the birthparents. This arms them with the information they might need in the future as their child begins to ask questions about where they came from and why they were placed for adoption.

The fear adoption can cause in adoptive parents is gone with open adoption. If communication is open and kept up, there is no fear of the unknown birthparent coming back to claim their child. The fear for birthparents is also diminished because they will know the adoptive parents and can feel good about their decision to place their child in a good home.