Signs Your Arlington Home May Have Mold And Why You Need Mold Removal

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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Having mold in your home is very dangerous. Often mold goes unnoticed and continues to grow for years, as residents suffer from poor health as a result. The symptoms of mold may be mild or serious. By the time the situation is out of hand, you will need mold removal right away. There are many professional companies for mold removal in Arlington, VA which can help with your situation and remove this pesky problem.

While you may be wondering how the mold got there, rest assured it’s really not your fault. Mold often occurs in dark, damp areas and goes unnoticed for months or even years. You are not the only person in Arlington suffering from a mold problem.

If you can recognize mold, you can get the problem sorted out faster. Below are the most common signs of a growing mold problem:

1. Mold Appearance – Seeing mold is by far the biggest indicator that you have a problem. The growth of mold appears as dark spots which can be dark green, black, or blue. If you look a bit closer, the mold will appear to be a somewhat furry growth on your wall, flooring, ceiling, or furniture. The spots of mold generally appear in dark and damp places in your home, the basement and bathroom being the most common places for mold to grow.

2. Damp and Mildew – Mold occurs because of damp air. Anything that is exposed to water on a frequent basis may grow mold, like the bathroom. Damp areas will often have a signature smell that may be mild or pungent. Other signs of dampness include: condensation on mirrors or windows, flaking paint or tiles, dehumidifiers making loud noises while on, or a damp taste or smell. Sometimes you may even feel dampness on fabric items like bedding, towels, or furniture. In extreme cases you may even see mildew which is mold that appears on fabric.

If you feel, see, or smell any dampness in your home, it’s important that you contact a specialist for mold removal. Arlington has restoration companies which can come and perform a mold test in your home.

Mold growing in your home may cause issues to your homes foundation, pest problems and even health problems. In fact mold may cause breathing problems, frequent colds, fatigue, and brain issues in serious cases. If you or your family exhibit any health problems, or see mold growing, it’s important that you contact a company which deals with mold removal in Arlington, VA right away.