DIY vs Professional Restoration for Fire Damage in Fairfax

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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Fires are devastating. A fire can burn through a house full of possessions in a matter of minutes. The aftermath of a fire is emotional, scary, and stressful. It can be hard to know what to do first. This is where professionals come in. Fire damage in Fairfax is more common than you think, and restoration professionals know what they’re doing. 

While there are some steps homeowners can take to secure their home immediately afterwards, the cleanup should really be left to a home restoration company. Ensure the home is cleared as safe to enter by the fire marshall and call a company that deals with fire damage in Fairfax right away.
It’s Best to Leave Cleanup to the Professionals

While you may think the immediate danger is over once the flames are doused, you are not yet in the clear. Fires can leave a whole host of problems after the flames are gone, leaving you and your family exposed to many dangers. This is by far the biggest reason you should contact a company to handle fire damage in Fairfax.

The chemicals found in smoke and soot from a house fire are extremely dangerous to breathe in. And if not properly cleaned, your home may linger with traces of soot and smoke for months, or even years. Professional home restoration companies come with an arsenal of gadgets, tools, and equipment which allow them to safely perform the cleanup of your home.

While smoke and soot are one of the main issues in the aftermath of a fire, other issues still lurk. Your home could have internal structural damage, making your home unsafe. It can cause the ceiling, floor, or staircases to collapse or walls to buckle. A professional company which specializes in fire damage in Fairfax will be able to advise you of any problems, and fix them.

Starting the Cleanup Yourself

While it’s not always a wise idea to begin the cleanup yourself, if you decide to do so you should take some precautions. The fire marshall will shut off all the gas and electricity and these should remain off until professionals can come to determine the safety of your lines and pipes.

First, throw away items beyond repair and open all windows and doors. You may find important items to take with you, but much of your belongings will be dirty and wet. Once the fire damage company may ask for your assistance or ask you to leave, either way it’s important to take their advise for your safety.