How to Sell Real Estate on your Own

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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When you have real estate you need to sell, you likely want to get as much money out of the property as possible.  Hiring a realtor might help you sell the real estate in a quick and efficient manner, but you will have to pay steep commission fees that will cut into the amount of money you will make on the sale.  There are a number of things you can do to attempt to sell your real estate on your own and here are some things you will want to include in the process.

First, you will need to do a good deal of research in order to prepare your real estate for the market.  You should not only find out what properties are selling, but you also need to familiarize yourself with real estate transactions in general.  Since you have real estate in your name, you have been through the process yourself at least once.  Get the contracts out from that sale and read through them until you understand the language.  You might want to read articles or even a book on selling your own real estate as well.

Once you feel more prepared, you can start to gather the paperwork and other forms you will need to close on your real estate sale.  Get copies of the property records from the appraisers, the title company, the insurance company and many others.  Once your legal documents are in line, you can find a real estate attorney and a title company to help you close the deal when you get an offer on the table.

Second, you will need to start preparing your real estate property.  Turn a critical eye on your property and try to look at it with a new point of view.  Look for cosmetic and functional issues that you can fix as well as items that you cannot fix.  Fix anything that can be fixed before you try to sell the real estate.  Items might include scuffed or chipped paint, colors that are too bright, flooring that looks old, and other cosmetic items.  These things might seem little to you, but they could turn a new buyer off the minute they walk in the door.

After you have everything fixed up, make sure you clear the clutter from the house and take your personal pictures and other items away as well.  Clean the real estate from top to bottom and get the landscaping and yard in good shape as well.  Buyers should have no excuse but to love your home if you have everything clean, fixed, and in order.

Once you are well prepared, you will have to price your real estate and then find a way to advertise it so that the buyers will know that it is there for them to view and purchase.