Few Facts Common To All Child Custody Cases

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Family

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There has been a shocking rise in the number of divorce cases in the past decade. As a result, there have been more child custody issues than expected. Child custody issues not only arise in case of parents who are divorce-es, but also with parents who have to decide the custody of their children studying in a different town or location. Here are a few facts that have been observed in almost every case.

1. Most states recognize that the mother automatically gains custody of the child in case she is single. Yet in a few states even a single mother must apply for custody in order to be legally responsible for all the decisions pertaining to her child.

2. In a survey conducted in 2002, 15% of custodial parents were found to be men. This showed that although mothers were considered suitable for the upbringing of a child, the court also recognizes any endeavor on part of the father to take custody of the child. The deciding factor however, is the financial disposition of the father.

3. In a different scenario today, there are many working fathers who reside in a different town and are in no contact with their children. This scenario brings the responsibility of decision making pertaining to the child’s life on the mother. In such cases, the mother can claim custody of the child and needs to be legally authorized to do so. The father must make sure he has made this aspect clear through legal approval of the child custody with the mother.

4. Since American law recognizes the father as the real parent and still considers both parents as financially responsible, it is only natural that both parents make equal claims to the custody of their offspring. The scenario gets worse in cases where in after a divorce, the kid is under custody of both parents for half the year. This is where most disputes start where one parent blames the other of trying to turn their kid against him or her.

These problems need to be sorted out using the services of lawyers who have experience in handling child custody cases. Forceful removal of a child from its parent in violation of the rules laid down by the court can further complicate issues. While fighting cases regarding child custody, Frederick, MD residents must go for the services of recognized child custody lawyers alone. They must keep in mind the fact that parents get the most satisfying turn outs only with the services of recognized lawyers alone.