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Breast reduction surgery helps to remove excess breast fat, besides glandular tissue as well as skin from the overly large breasts. It helps to achieve a breast size which is in proportion to the body. It alleviates the discomfort that is associated with overly large breasts. It benefits patients who have excessively large pendulous breasts. Breast reduction surgery ensures health and beauty for life. Overly large breasts can lead to both health and emotional problems for some women. In addition to self image issues, there may also be physical pain as well as discomfort for women. It is the weight of excess breast tissue that may hamper leading an active life. There is emotional discomfort as well as self-consciousness associated with having large pendulous breasts.

All about the breast reduction surgery

The breast reduction surgery is done under general anesthesia. This surgery requires one or two days of hospital stay. In this surgery, the nipple is relocated higher. Basically, the breast is reshaped and contoured in order to give proper shape besides a younger look. Large breasts tend to lose shape and firmness. Also, the upper pole becomes empty and the nipples begin to point downwards. Breast reduction surgery helps in restoring the firm feel as well as the round contour of the breast. It brings back fullness in the upper pole. The nipples are re-positioned in order to point forwards and outwards.

Know if breast reduction surgery is right for you

Breast reduction surgery should be done for yourself and not to fulfill somebody else’s whims and desires. It should not be done in order to fit any sort of ideal image. Breast reduction surgery is a good option for you only if you are physically healthy and abstain from smoking. It is best not to have any unrealistic expectations from this surgery.  This surgery is advisable if your breasts are limiting your physical activity or you are experiencing some kind of back, neck and shoulder pain due to the weight of your breasts.  Breast reduction surgery is recommended if you are getting skin irritation beneath the breast crease or your areolas are enlarged due to stretched skin.

Clarifications to be sought before breast reduction surgery

The success and safety of any breast reduction surgery depends on the complete candidness of the patient during the consultation. There should be complete clarity about why you want the surgery and your expectations. Complete details about your medical condition and drug allergies must be available to the surgeon. The use of current medications, alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and previous surgeries must be shared with the surgeon.
In order to have a safe and effective breast reduction surgery, evaluate your general health status. Next, discuss the likely outcomes of the breast reduction procedure along with the risks or potential complications with the surgeon. Complete knowledge and transparency between the patient and surgeon are vital to the success of the breast reduction surgery.