Tips for Enhanced Air Conditioning

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Heating And Air Conditioning

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Regular maintenance of the home air conditioning systems can go a long way in reducing the bills that you face at the end of the month. Care should be taken right from the beginning when you purchase the HVAC system. You should make sure to get the system correctly installed with the help of experienced professionals who will explain the various essentials of the cooling system’s working to you.

Federal tax Credit

If you purchase any of the systems or units for your residence that qualify for ENERGYSTAR series of appliances, then you stand to benefit from the tax and spending incentive law set up in 2009. ENERGYSTAR certifies production of HAC equipment and appliances that are energy efficient.

The Federal Tax Credit Law encourages homeowners to purchase appliances in this category, by extending a 30% tax credit during the filing of 2009-2010 taxes. The amount of money that is extended in this law can easily cover expenses of labor and installation that need to be met after the purchase of the system.

Save Energy: Go Natural

In addition to investing in such cost efficient appliances, you could undertake a few steps to help reduce the energy demands of these systems. As seasons reach their peaks, the air conditioning system is maximally utilized in order to combat the effect of extreme temperature. You can do your part in reducing the energy demand of the appliances by taking a few steps.

For example, in winter you can open the windows facing the sunny side of your house to let the warmth into your rooms. This will raise the average day temperature of the rooms and with appropriate sealing, you can maintain the same temperature till night. Thus, you can reduce the temperature requirement of your room heating system at night. This in turn will reduce electricity bills at the end of the month.

Same steps can be taken during summer by allowing cool breeze of the night being into the rooms that should be sealed by keeping the doors and windows of the room tightly closed during the day. This will reduce the temperature load on the cooling system in these rooms during the day. Not only does this help reduce bills, but also helps in reducing the amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions in the atmosphere.

It is important to reduce the load on your home air conditioning. Sherman Oaks residents need to keep these points in mind to make sure they are able to correctly use the air conditioning system in their house.