All You Need To Know About Safegaurding Your Retina

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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The retina of your eye plays a critical role in your vision. If you have had an eye exam with a referral to a specialist, or you have noticed some recent problems with your vision, you may need to visit our retina specialist in Mount Prospect for an exam of your retina. Our specialist offers thorough eye exams of the retina of your eye. These exams are designed to identify any problems so that a treatment plan to help you can be devised.

The retina is a fragile structure, but it is well protected within your eye. There are several ways that your retina could be damaged. If you have glaucoma, which is high pressure in the eye, your retina could be injured. People with poorly controlled diabetes may also experience retinal damage. Some children may be born with damage to the retina of the eye. This is most common in babies who are born prematurely.

If you experience a severe injury, your retina could be damaged. For example, being involved in a head-on collision at a high rate of speed could damage one or both of your retinas. You could also experience a retinal injury caused by sudden jostling of your head and skull. Riding a jerky roller coaster could cause an injury to your retinas.

The sooner an injury or damage to your retina is detected, the higher the chance that as much of your vision as possible can be saved. Our retinal specialist works with people of all ages. Let us help you protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy.

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