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by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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If you have to file an income tax return in Atlanta and you need help, then you have come to the right website.  I used to worry about my tax return, but no longer.
The people in the IRS are not only hard working but they are meticulous in their work.  Tax returns must be painstakingly studied and if they find a mistake chances are they will pick your tax return for an audit.  You really do not want that to happen to you.  So think about having your tax return professionally adjudged before submission.

Maybe you diligently file all of your tax returns documents during the financial year.  Well if you are, that’s great because many people just do not have the time or, usually, the inclination to do so, and documents are lost.  That said, then so can some of your tax write offs get lost too.  As an honest citizen I am sure you do not mind at all paying your due taxes, but it is a great pity not to get the credits that are due to you because you did not know they were there for you to claim.  A Tax Return consultant will make sure that you have all the information that you need to file not only a correct tax return, but one that will give you all the allowances you are due.
Always make sure that your tax return is filed on time because you could incur penalties if it is not.  Plus, you may also have to pay interest on your late tax return.  We all want to avoid such a thing happening.

If you think you may have a considerable tax return problem then you should call a tax return lawyer immediately.  Did you know that there are benefits to hiring an income tax lawyer, which will not be available from a CPA.  You will receive legal protection if you engage the services of a tax return lawyer under the client and attorney privilege regulations.  These privileges are not available if you engage only the services of a CPA or an enrolled agent.

When you hire an experienced tax attorney you will avoid the pitfalls such as being tagged for an audit because of inadequate tax preparation.  A tax return lawyer will ensure that full attention is given to your tax situation and that there are no discrepancies.

The IRS is diligent; just a simple mistake in tax preparation or filing may have the potential to cause the IRS to choose your tax return for audit.  If you fail to file your return on time it will be likely to cause penalties and interest to accrue.  You can rely on the knowledge and experience of a tax attorney to avoid these problems.  If you need any help, and I am sure that most of us do, then you should call a tax return consultant today.  The company that I use will book a thirty minutes consultation free of charge.