The Most Common Questions About Assisted Living

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Elderly Care

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If you’re in the midst of searching for suitable assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, for your loved one, it’s inevitable you may have a lot of questions that need answering. This is perfectly understandable. Most assisted living facilities answer many of the same questions for each family; as such, you may be able to find answers to a few of your questions below.

Can the Costs of Assisted Living Be Covered Through Medicare?

No. While assisted living may seem like something Medicare would pay for, this sort of need is not covered by their program. However, don’t worry; there are other types of financial assistance you can take advantage of instead, such as subsidies and waivers. Feel free to research your options to see what your family can potentially apply for.

What Are the Average Amenities Offered by Assisted Living?

Most facilities for assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, offer transportation, regular daily meals, nursing, social and exercise programs, occupational assistance, day trips, security, regular contact with your loved one’s doctor, rooms, cleaning services and basic utilities, all at no additional cost. You may have to pay for a few of your loved one’s extra wants, such as cable services.

What If My Loved One Needs Special Care? What If They Don’t Need Any Care?

The average center for assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, can suit a wide variety of needs. These tend to be ranked as levels. Elderly adults who don’t need any special care whatsoever are placed in the lowest level. Those who need a bit of assistance on a regular basis rank as mid-level. Residents living with dementia or other illnesses qualify at the highest level because they require the most supervision and care. Be sure to talk about your loved one’s health and specific needs as you look for assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, so you can be sure they can care for your relative well.

If you have any further questions about assisted living in Palm Coast, FL, contact by calling 888-274-0457 or visiting their website.