Should You Use Heat Treated Pallets in Wisconsin?

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Today, many businesses in Wisconsin use wooden pallets for shipping and moving goods. Wood is one of the most durable and sustainable materials you can use, and it can save you a lot of money and time. But what if you need to ship across international borders? You have specific regulations to follow and using heat treated pallets can help you meet these requirements. Here is more about this important subject.

Problems with Insects and Shipping

One of the biggest problems countries face today is imported pests. In fact, some of the worst pests (like boring insects) can enter the country from shipping containers. When these unwelcome guests get into a new environment, they may cause an untold amount of damage. Natural predators keep most of these insects under control in their natural environment. Yet, when they enter new lands, there is nothing to keep them in check. The results are sometimes catastrophic.

Wood pallets are excellent shipping containers, but unfortunately, insects and insect larvae can get inside the wood. The pallets then become carriers for many strains of pests which can wreak havoc with crops.

The Solution

There are two main ways to effective rid wooden pallets of pests. You can fumigate them with insecticides or heat them until it kills everything. Heat treated pallets in Wisconsin offer the safest solution to this problem because you do not have to resort to dangerous and toxic chemicals.

How it Works

To create heat treated pallets in Wisconsin, you need to heat the wood to a temperature of one hundred and thirty three degrees Fahrenheit (56 C) for at least thirty minutes. This meets the rules set forth by ISPM-15 which is the standard for heat treating. This procedure kills all insects and eggs, and because it dries the wood, you have fewer problems with wood rot.