Reasons To Have A Home Inspection

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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If you are considering purchasing properties in Lakeway, it is essential that you have a home inspection done on the home before closing.  The cost is minimal when compared to the money it may save you in the long run.  The average buyer is generally not qualified to fully determine the condition of a home and its many systems.  An experienced home inspector can give you a complete picture of the condition of a home and help you know when to renegotiate a purchase price or even walk away.

First of all, it is important to have a home inspection be a legal contingency in the purchase agreement.   A good real estate agent will probably recommend that you do this anyway.  Make sure that the contingency allows you to walk away from properties in Lakeway if serious concerns are discovered.  Most contracts give you a certain time frame that the inspection needs to be completed in, so make sure that you work within that timeframe.

Choose a home inspector that is licensed and experienced.  Your realtor may be able to refer you to someone who they have worked with in the past and they trust.  A home inspection cannot guarantee that you will never have any problems in the home, but they should be able to pick up on serious problems in both the exterior and interior of the home.  On the interior of the home they will inspect the plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling systems.  They should be able to determine the age of your systems and whether they have much life left in them.  A home inspector should also look at the insulation in the home to determine whether it is sufficient to keep energy costs low.  Other interior components that an inspection should cover are appliances, ventilation, and fire safety.

On the exterior of the home, home inspectors should look for cracks or issues with exterior walls or foundations.  If there are signs of insect damage they may not be able to give you a complete picture of how extensive the damage is but they should be able to let you know if you need to hire a pest inspection company to come in and take a closer look.  A home inspection should also include the roof and gutters on properties in Lakeway.  They can make sure that the roof is ventilated properly and whether the shingles were installed correctly. 

Armed with this information, you can decide whether problems that were discovered merit renegotiating the asking price of the home or maybe even means walking away from the property.  Either way, you may have saved yourself a whole lot of trouble and money by discovering any problems before making them your own.