Quick Action Early Saves Expensive Repairs Later

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

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It is easy to drive around your neighborhood and see the homeowners who have performed driveway repair in Dallas.  Their driveways are sealed and crack and pit-free.  It is always a good idea to jump onto this kind of repair as quick as possible, especially if your home is located where there are big temperature ranges in the year.  During the hot summers the driveways expand with the high heat temperatures and during the cold, snowy winters, the driveways get no relief form the cold, snowy subzero stretches.  It makes sense that they will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Performing timely driveway repair in Dallas is not a difficult job.  But it is a job that should be worked on as soon as small cracks and problems appear, or a small inexpensive project, like anything else, can turn into a larger, more expensive, undertaking.  Once small cracks and holes start to appear, the driveway is beginning to show stress in its structure and it needs some TLC.  Once small cracks and holes appear in your driveway, the structure is open to water seepage which will damage the driveway in repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

It is easy to get started on driveway repair in Dallas.  First off, clean off the whole driveway with a large broom.  Remove cars, furniture, garbage bins, and debris. If you have a large shop vacuum, use that to vacuum the whole driveway, paying special attention to the cracks and holes.  Then walk the grid and locate the damage areas. Mark each damage area with a spray can. For simple cracks, fill with latex crack sealant.  These come in large tubes that can be used with a caulking gun.  For larger holes, use an asphalt patch mix.  Take an ice scraper and make sure that the mix is level with the rest of the pavement. For larger, deeper holes in the driveway, use coarse, aggregate filler, commonly called a cold patch.  With these larger patches, level them out also with a ruler or something similar, then place a piece of plywood over the hole, and when you are finished with all the other repairs on the driveway, drive the car wheel over the plywood and leave it to cure overnight.

It is easy to find a good sealer for your driveway repair in Dallas at your local home improvement center.  These sealants are coal-tar based and usually come in a 5 gallon container.  Apply this sealant all over the driveway, in 4 foot wide strips using the squeegee side of the applicator brush.  The 5 gallon container will usually cover 300 square feet of driveway.