New Technology Brings Advancements in Dental Implants

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Dental

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Having a missing tooth can cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately there are a variety of choices when it comes to tooth replacement and having a dental implant done is one of the most choices as it provides a stable and efficient prosthetic for the patient. While dental implants have been used for many years, there are remarkable new technologies in these prosthetics available from clinics that specialize in dental implants in Vernon CT.
While many people with missing teeth don’t like the idea of having a dental implant done due to the fact the procedure often requires a waiting period of up to a month once the tooth has been lost and the discomfort associated with the healing process after an implant has been put in, there are advancements in the technology of dental implants that are making this procedure much improved. With new technology, patients needing dental implants in Vernon CT no longer have to wait to replace missing teeth. It is now possible to have the complete process-implant, post and crown done all in a single visit. This means that patients no longer have to wear a temporary cap or live with a gap in their teeth. These single visit dental implant procedures are quickly gaining popularity.

How is this possible? With the use of 3-D imaging, dental care providers can prepare their patients mouth for dental surgery by doing making a virtual model of the mouth. This new high-tech procedure eliminates having to cut the patient’s gums to find the bone. With the digital imagery, the dental care team knows exactly where to place the implant. This not only means less time to do the dental implants Vernon CT procedure with less pain for the patient, but less time is needed for healing and for the implant to fuse to the bones in your jaw. This new process also allows for a crown to be attached at the same time and the healing process can proceed as normal. Another new technique in dental implants is a mini-implant. These smaller dental prostheses are general used for patients who require dentures. They are placed in series through the gum area and are used to anchor dentures in place. These smaller dental implants use cutting edge technology that means the patient doesn’t have to wait for the healing process to be complete before they begin wearing their new dentures.  Even existing dentures can be attached to the mini-implants, making the dental implants Vernon CT procedure allow patients to have a more comfortable fit with their replacement teeth. Mini-implants are also gaining popularity in dental restoration procedures such as crown placements and with dental bridges.

Having this new technology for dental implants in Vernon CT means it need not be a literal pain to have dental restoration work done for people who are missing teeth or need dental restoration procedures performed. With these new dental implant techniques, it is faster and more cost effective to have good dental health once again.