The History and Use of DC Motors

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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A DC motor is a type of electric motor which runs on direct current or DC. DC motors can be used with batteries and with solar systems. These motors can also be used in situations where an efficient and low cost energy solution is needed.

History of DC Motors

The first DC motor that could actually be used in machinery was invented in 1832 by a scientist named William Sturgeon. Many scientists followed on the footsteps of his success to improve the motor. An American couple built an improved type of DC machine in 1837 and patented their designs. However, there were some flaws in the design of their machine primarily in that it used costly components. In fact, the cost of the machine was one of biggest reasons why it was not widely used before the invention of electricity.

In the late 1800’s, the DC motor that is used today was invented by accident by a British inventor. After this, another inventor who had worked with Thomas Edison used electricity to help power the motor. This significantly reduced the cost of running the motors which increased their popularity in the commercial world.

DC Motors Aren’t Gas Guzzling Machines

People get a mental image of a gas guzzling machine when they hear the word “motor”. The fact is that not all motors are used in gas guzzling machines nor do all motors take a lot of energy to do the job. For example, DC motors can be used to help solar cells run more efficiently.

DC Motors Can Be Used In Computers

Very low power DC motors are used in electronic devices. These types of motors are too weak to be used for large machines. While they may not have a lot of power, these motors are very reliable. In addition to their reliability, they work quickly. In fact, a low power motor can make speed changes almost immediately. These factors make them ideal for use in devices like personal computers, CD players, DVD players, and similar devices.

Uses for Medium Power Motors

Medium powered DC motors still lack the power to be used in large machines. However, they have a very significant purpose. Usually DC medium powered motors are used to connect to an electrical device called a rectifier. The rectifier changes AC current or alternating current in to DC current or direct current. The DC current can then be used to power the motor.

In most cases, the voltage will need to be reduced after the conversion so that the amount of the current does not overload the motor. This fact limits their use in many machines. However, they do have their place. These motors are most often used in machines where reliability is very important and speed is not an issue.

High Powered Motors

High power motors are used to run electric wheelchairs and elevators. These motors create a lot of power, but they also use a lot of power in the process. Some motors, like the ones in electric cars, are being used with a rechargeable battery. This battery helps to power the motor and reduce energy consumption. The only downside to this is that the battery will need to be recharged regularly and eventually replaced.