Key Components Of Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers In Utah

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Health and Medical

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Unfortunately, substance abuse affects people from all walks of life, at all income levels, and at all education levels. In struggling with drug abuse, all users are equal. All drug treatment programs, however, are not equal.

When other avenues have failed and the time has come to consider inpatient drug rehab centers in Utah there are several aspects of treatment families should review before choosing the program that is most likely to lead to successful recovery.

First, and most importantly, what treatment protocols are followed? Most facilities offering substance abuse treatment in Utah begin treatment with detox, which is short for detoxification. During this period the patient is physically weaned off the substance to which he is addicted. This process can take as few as five days, or as many as twenty-eight days.

Once detox is complete a combination of educational programs and therapies are provided to help the patient reshape his or her life and lifestyle. Part of treatment at most inpatient drug rehab centers in Utah is and educational component that covers nutrition and exercise. Drug use takes a toll on the body. It is important the patient learns how to rebuild himself physically and how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle that will lead to an overall feeling of optimistic wellness. Nutrition and exercise are also effective tools in helping a recovering addict regain control of himself physically. By re-framing the body as something to be nourished, long term recovery is encouraged.

There must also be a mental health component to any effective recovery program. Understanding the catalysts or triggers that lead to drug use, and how to manage those triggers in healthy ways, can lead to better coping skills and a decreased likelihood of relapse. For example, if a patient reports that she tends to use drugs after an argument with her husband, new strategies to deal with anger and frustration will be introduced and practiced, leaving the patient with better options when she leaves the facility.

Finally, a patient must be prepared to leave the facility and continue recovery on his or her own. Most inpatient drug rehab centers in Utah introduce all patients to twelve-step recovery programs which can be continued outside of the facility. Having an ongoing source of support is crucial to successful recovery.