How Would You Stay Protected From Bees?

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Pest Control

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Residing near a beehive is not at all a safe option. Bees are said to be non-threatening and unless they are provoked, bees do not attack. Still it’s never a wise decision to stay close to a beehive, especially if you have young members in the family. A single bee-colony typically contains hundreds and thousands of similar species, living together. It is most common to locate bee-hives on trees, high above the ground. But, it is also not an unusual sight to find bees sheltered in or on decks, sheds, buildings, attics, garages, and even on walls and fences. If you find bees buzzing inside your rooms frequently, there are chances of a bee hive nearby. In such a case it is important that you start finding the location of the hive and take immediate steps for effective bee removal.

Bee stings are not only painful but result in considerable swelling. Hence younger members must stay extra careful if there’s any bee hive around. Elders must take certain preventive measures to protect their family against bee sting. The following is a brief discussion on some of the most effective ways of bee removal.

1. Spraying insecticides is the most commonly used method to get rid of bees from your house and surrounding. This might sound an easy job at first but is not so! In fact, you need to be extra cautious while handling insecticides. These are highly poisonous compounds and hence fatal to human beings. Thus it is necessary to wear protective gear like gloves, eye-guard, and full-body clothing before handling such toxic chemicals.

2. Bees are attracted to bright colors. Especially if there are bright-colored empty containers in the house like buckets, these might attract bees from a beehive nearby. Hence it is suggested to remove all bright colored objects from sight.

3. If you can locate a bee hive very near to your house or if the hive happens to be inside a room or an attic, left unused for long, the situation turns more serious. Under such emergency situations, professional guidance from bee removers must be solicited.

4. Bee removers might use poisonous fumes and other chemicals to drive away the bees from the hive and then smash the hive. But in doing so, swarm of bees from the shattered hive might attack the neighboring population. Hence in such condition, ensure that there are no open windows, holes or cracks in the walls, left unguarded.

Bee removal is not an easy task. It demands professional expertise. Hence you would need sound guidance and quality service for effective bee removal. Los Angeles residents should get in touch with Pest Solutions, specializing in residential and commercial pest control service including bee removal. They offer 24 hr emergency service, 7 days a week to LA residents.