How To Start A Crime Scene Clean Up Business

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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If you are interested in making a good bit of money and you have a fairly strong stomach, you may want to start a crime scene clean up business of your own.  There are businesses out there like this and you can be a part of it all.  Imagine working on things that you typically only see on television on your favorite crime scene shows.  Does this sound like a job for you? Then read on!

You should know that if you really do want to start a crime scene clean up business you are going to need help. No crime scene can be cleaned up by one person alone, you are going to have to have business partners or employees to help you get the jobs done that need to be done.  You can start by hiring independent contractors to help you get the jobs done and once you get big enough, you can hire employees to work alongside you. 

You can expect to get paid as much as $20,000 for a single job in crime scene clean up.  This is because the jobs are often so messy and often gruesome that no one typically wants to be the one that performs the clean up.  You can be hired to work at apartment complexes, businesses and at individual homes.
There are really no educational requirements associated with this line of work but you should be able to know how to get out stains and remove odors.   Also you should know the proper way to dispose of hazardous waste.  Be sure to wear gloves and protect yourself at all times from getting any type of disease because you will be exposed to a lot of things once you start this type of business. 

You should also have knowledge of how to install and replace carpet and tile as well as how to paint or strip wallpaper.   A job as a crime scene clean up person would be great for a retired contractor because they would likely have all the skills necessary to be able to get the jobs done with no problems. 

The hardest part about getting started in a crime scene clean up business is the advertising. The best way to advertise this type of business would probably be to take your business cards to local police departments all around your area as well as the crime scene investigation unit. This way you will get your business out there to those people who will be able to use your services. After a crime has taken place, the police and the crime scene investigators can hand out your card to those affected by the crime.