European Kitchen Trends For 2013

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home Improvement

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European kitchen trends give your kitchen a sleek, modern look that’s always in fashion. Europeans take their kitchens seriously and regularly cook at home, versus dining out as often as most people do in the United States. This means the kitchens have to be as functional as they are stylish. Here’s a look at the top European kitchen trends for 2013.

     *     Frosted cabinets : Cabinets comprised of glass with a frost finish are very popular for European kitchens. This reveals the contents of what’s in the cabinet without a clear look. That said, you do have to keep the shelves fairly well-organized when opting for frosted cabinets. Sliding cabinet doors are common for European Kitchen, but in the U.S. this frost finish is done with conventional doors too.

     *     Curved kitchen islands : Who says a kitchen island has to be a square or rectangle? It is common for kitchen islands in Europe to have a curved shape, lending a fashion forward feel to the space. These curved kitchen islands are actually quite function and can create a more open and airy space in a smaller kitchen that might be anchored by an obtuse rectangular or square kitchen island.

     *     Dark shades : In America, the kitchens tend to be light and airy. In Europe, the kitchens have a darker, more modern vibe. This means implementing dark colors that add drama to the room. These deep colors such as cranberry, navy or chocolate brown are paired with organic and metal materials for a thoroughly modern look that is sure to be unexpected compared to conventional kitchens seen in America. It is very common for European kitchens to mix oak or walnut with steel and copper for an interesting play on texture and colors.

     *     Enclosed appliances : Because the décor for the European kitchen means keeping things sleep and put away, enclosed spaces for appliances are also a staple. Things like mixers, coffee makers and even refrigerators are often in camouflaged or enclosed spaces that shield the item from eyesight when doors or cabinets are closed. Many of these doors have rolling features, which means the appliance is likely plugged 24/7 and can be revolved towards the user for ease. This is a great way to keep the style in your kitchen, but still have access to your Keurig every morning when you’re in a rush. This can be designed for large appliances too, such as top of the line mixers.