Dont Let Nuisance Stink Bugs Run You Out of Your Home or Business

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Pest Control

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Stink bugs have become a rising problem in the Maryland, Pennsylvania and nearby regions. Brought into a small PA community accidentally about the year 1988, these nuisance bugs are relatively harmless to people and pets but emit a strong, unpleasant pungent odor when crushed. Stink bugs are destructive to many types of agricultural plants, and there are effective treatments that can dramatically lower the chances of these pests from entering your home or overwintering there. Don’t let these obnoxious stink bugs run you out of your comfortable and pleasant home or business. Call for professional stink bug control in Maryland first. 

Our reliable team has studied the habits of these insects. These pest eliminator experts have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to find and deter these creepy bugs from residing in your home, apartment building or commercial businesses. There are ways to seal off common entry points to keep them from coming inside. These bugs are commonly seen and begin to move indoors during August through December. With the right treatment measures by pest professionals, your stink bug control for your Maryland properties will be effective in stopping them from becoming more prevalent in your residences and company structures.

There are many reasons to choose professional pest elimination services that focus on stink bug control in the Maryland area. Products found in retail stores that are supposed to control this bug’s overwintering process are often harmful to small children, older adults and pets. Additionally, these products are often ineffective as well. There is a reliable and trustworthy local pest control company that offers superior stink bug control that works. If your pesky stink bugs come back inside after our treatments, we will be there to greet them free of charge.