Custom Transformer Manufacturers Provide Various Transformer Options

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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An experienced electric coil and transformer company can provide comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing services to customers regarding efficient and cost effective single phase and three phase isolation transformers. Isolation transformer design and manufacturing capabilities provided by experienced custom transformer manufacturers in the industry can benefit the customer’s requirements in both domestic and non-domestic applications.

Single Phase Isolation Transformers
Some of the requirements that accompany single phase isolation transformer designs include toroid, ferro-resonant/constant-voltage, high reactance, El, special voltage requirements, a choice of winding configurations, taps were needed, special brackets, paper section or bobbin construction, unusual sizes and shapes, terminations to suit your installation, as high as 75kVA.

Three Phase Isolation Transformers
When it comes to three phase isolation transformers, some of the customer requirements of customers can include taps were required, special voltage requirements, terminations to suit your installation, a choice of winding configurations, unusual shapes and sizes, as high as 250kVA.

Designs of three phase transformers offered by custom transformer manufacturers must be carefully coordinated to accommodate critical factors of terminations, electrical performance, weight, size, and price.

Toroidal Transformers
A toroidal transformer is an electromagnetic device transforms or transfers energy between one circuit and another without altering its frequency. These transformers are able to maximize power with minimal weight and size. The transformers doughnut or ring shape allow the windings of the toroidal to travel through the center of the core surrounding the course cross-sectional area and enabling it to be distributed in an even manner with respect to it – all of which produces a highly efficient design of the space.

The toroidal transformer in the 50/60 Hz industrial power range is manufactured from tape wound silicon iron or nickel iron alloy. Various amorphous alloys and powdered iron are the preferred materials with comes to high frequency applications.

Another benefit of toroidal transformers provided by custom transformer manufacturers involving their low weighting compact size is that they can be utilized in almost any type of power source application. This often occurs when the available space is not fitting for a more standard El transformer design.

For more information about your transformer options in your specific application, contact an experienced custom transformer manufacturer today.