Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems in Roscoe

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Heating And Air Conditioning

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Imagine your air conditioning system breaking down on a cold winter day. It is only fair to say that such an occurrence would precipitate a wide of range of not-so-pleasant emotions. However, air conditioning repair Roscoe will carry out basic maintenance on your air condition system to minimize such unexpected difficulties and aggravation. It is advisable to carry out scheduled air conditioning repair at least once a year.

Professional HVAC repair firms follow strict safety rules while working on faulty air conditioning units. This ensures that the motor does not start while repairs are underway. While it is true that some repairs can go on without a total disconnection of the system, it is always advisable to disconnect the appliance from the mains to avoid electric shocks and other hazards.

Air conditioning repair in Roscoe usually involves any one of the following problems:

1. Failure to turn on
2. Significant loss of the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system
3. Reduced output temperatures
4. Faulty cool or warm air supply
5. A total loss of the system’s airflow

Most of these problems are due to issues with one or more system components. It is interesting to note that in most cases (80 percent), faulty heat pumps or air conditioners usually have an underlying electrical problem as opposed to a mechanical problem. As such, if your AC system fails, it is advisable to check the switches as well as its control and electrical settings before contacting a firm specializing in air conditioning repair Roscoe. It would not make much sense to replace costly components before looking into these simple elements. 

A typical control and switch system includes service switches, circuit breakers, thermostats and contactor relay. Others include metering devices for the refrigerant such as thermostatic expansion valves and capillary tubes, air conditioning pressure switches that are vital in the detection of unusually high or low pressures as well as in the system’s safe shut off. There are also motor overheat or overload reset switches and buttons, fan limit switch as well as fan control switches. Some air conditioning systems have automatic zone damper and duct damper controls. All these are potential trouble spots that may require air conditioning repair from time to time.

Despite the fact that most air conditioning repairs involve an electrical defect, there are repairs that take on a mechanical dimension. There are four main groups of air conditioning mechanical problems. These are refrigerant leaks, dirty cooling coil or evaporator, dirty condenser unit and a hard starting compressor motors.  The condenser/compressor unit also tends to have problems with its fan and fan motors. The same is true of the air blower/handler fan unit. Other common air conditioning system problems include duct system and dehumidification defects.

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