Tips for Door Repair

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

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The cold weather in New York can cause metals to become moist and accumulate rust fast. The cold conditions also cause metallic wares like garage or warehouse doors to accumulate a lot of dust. When your garage door is neglected for a long time, it may develop problems like rotted or rusted panels, loose hinges, stuck or squeaky rollers, and generally the door may become heavier. Some doors may have complicated features like springs, which make them difficult to repair unless the work is left to an expert. For such doors, you need to contact Door Repair Westchester NY experts for help.

If the door has a simple structure, you can carry out maintenance practices on your own. To do this, start by cleaning and lubricating or oiling the movable parts of the door and tightening all of the hardware. If you notice that the door binds or does not open smoothly, you should check the rollers and the track adjustment. It is also important to check the lift springs and ensure that the door can stay open approximately three feet above the ground. Below or above this position, the door should be able to close or open by itself. If the door does not pass this test, it is time to call a door repair expert or technician. Door repair experts in Westchester NY offer services such as replacement of malfunctioning parts of the door such as rollers, hinges, cables, locks, as well as other hardware. It is particularly important to engage the services of a door repair expert if you have an automatic door and have no idea how it functions.

The first thing that a door repair technician does is to fasten all hinge screws or bolts using a ratchet wrench. The technician will also replace any missing or broken hardware and check loose or bent hinges. If the door has a lock, the lock is fine-tuned so that the lock bar meets the lock hole located in the door track. The technician then loosens the mounting screws or bolts on the lock so as to adjust the position of the bar. He or she then lubricates the door and adjusts its track to ensure that the door opens and closes smoothly.
With the tips above, you can do some maintenance or repair works on your door on your own. But if the procedures sound too complicated or demanding, it is advisable to always call an expert Action Lock & Door Company Inc whenever you notice dirt or rust on the door or when the door malfunctions.