Attorneys Fort Myers FL Claim Compensation for the DePuy Hip Recall

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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In August 2010, a division of Johnson and Johnson, DePuyOrthopedics, Inc, recalled its ASR XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement system. A hip replacement system is a prosthetic implant that replaces the hip joint to relieve arthritis pain or fix joint damage. Some 93,000 people worldwide have received an ASR implant. The devices have failed in thousands of cases, causing more internal injuries that can only be corrected only by another ‘revision’ surgery. The secondary surgery can also leave behind harmful fragments that can cause extreme pain, swelling, infection, fractures, dislocations, nerve damage, tissue damage or increase in metal ion levels in the blood. The recall came after a study showed a five-year failure rate of the product to be 13% or one in every 8 patients. Attorneys in Fort Myers, FL, can help you claim compensation for any damages you may incur due to the recall.

Attorneys, Fort Myers, FL: What went wrong with the DePuy Hip Replacement Systems?

Soon after the devices were launched in the market, the complaints began to pour in. The problem seemed to be that they shed more debris than usual when the implant would rub against the hip joint into which they were implanted. This led to inflammation around the area as the sub microscopic particles released would enter the bloodstream. Since the devices were shedding at more than twice the usual rate, the patients ran a risk of infection and hip fracture. Thus, a need arose to replace the device, which would cause more pain than the initial implant and required a longer recovery period.

What Attorneys from Fort Myers, FL, Can Do

If you believe that you may have had a faulty DePuy hip replacement system installed, you should first visit your doctor and arrange for a blood test and X-Ray to ensure the implant is stable and there is no risk of infection. Then contact an attorney from Fort Myers, FL, to consult regarding a justified claim. Do not sign the DePuy consent form, as it removes your right to compensation for their negligence in producing a faulty hip replacement system.

Your lawyer will have the latest information about filing the claim. DePuy has offered to cover the cost of monitoring the system and compensate for any surgical requirements that may arise. However, there is no mention of any compensation payments for the pain and discomfort you may be suffering due to the revision surgery or the potential loss of earnings you may incur. So taking the advice of a specialized personal injury claims attorney in Fort Myers, FL, is the only way that you can be assured of receiving a fair and adequate amount of compensation.