Appealing Features That College Students Look for in Apartments

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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When searching for an apartment, most students look for features that will make their lives easier as they progress through their studies. Look at a few specific features that are appealing to college students who are in search of an apartment.

Reliable Wi-Fi Service

Today, much of the work done in college courses is accomplished online. Therefore college students look for an apartment with reliable Wi-Fi. Not only do they plan to use the Wi-Fi for homework assignments and class projects, they also want to have a way to stream movies, manage social media pages, etc.

Laundry Facilities

Someone looking at places for student living in Baton Rouge likely wants to see adequate laundry facilities. Most college students are busy and want to be able to get their weekly laundry duties finished in a short amount of time. So, having laundry facilities nearby is a very appealing feature for a student to see in a collection of apartments.

A Short Walk to Campus

When it comes to student living in Baton Rouge, most students want to be able to get to school as quickly as possible whenever they have a class. So, living in an apartment that’s located just minutes from campus, is a plus for many active college students.

A Fitness Center

There are many college students who like to work out to stay in shape. Also, exercising can lower the stress that comes from studying for classes, completing assignments and taking exams. Consequently, an apartment complex with a fitness center is appealing to college students.

Finally, these are just three of the many features that can attract college students to apartments near a school’s campus.

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