3 Reasons To Choose ABB Flow Meters For Process Industry Applications

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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In any type of processing application, including those for food and beverage production as well as chemical processing, oil and gas, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and even in pulp and paper industries, having reliable metering systems in place is critical.
The diversity and range of products offered in the line of ABB flow meters, including electromagnetic flow meters and Coriolis mass flowmeters, are a perfect fit in any of these applications. With different meters styles and feature optimized for different working environments and performance needs, there is an ABB flow meter customized for your system.

The full line of ABB flow meters has a very well-deserved reputation for durability and long life cycles. This has been proven over decades of these meters in use in different industries around the world.
The durability and reliability factors of these flow meters also add to the value and return on investment with these models. With limited if any maintenance requirements, easy installation and the ability to quickly configure the meters, they are ideal to work with.

Ability to Work in Demanding Applications

In applications where high heat is a factor, or when the media may be highly corrosive or abrasive in nature, the choice of ABB flow meters eliminates these issues from being a concern. The design isolates critical features from contact with potentially damaging media, ensuring a long life cycle in any type of system.
Latest in Intelligent Design

All of the flowmeters offered by ABB contact the latest in technology to provide smart sensors, onboard verification systems, real-time diagnostics and self-configuration sequences for easy installation and setup in the field.
These flowmeters can be found in small to large processing industry facilities throughout the country and around the world. Carefully considering the specifics of the application allows you to narrow down your choices to the ideal model.