Film editing is a major phenomenon in film making

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Film editing is a serious business. From sound quality to picture perfect color, the best films have a great production staff behind them. There is a studio for all that.

Chromavision is located in the historic Radio Wave Building in New York. However, it is on the cutting edge of film production implementing all the newest equipment and techniques to make any short of long work stand out.

Services include:

   * Editing

   * Production

   * Color correction

   * Motion graphics

   * Sound design services

   * Digital cinema

Their team goes far beyond providing those services and can also provide Blue Ray/DVD authoring, subtitling and even file and format conversion. They can even provide closed captioning and multi-lingual subtitling as part of their accessible media.

One of the key aspects of movie and television production today is sound design services. From background music to subtle footsteps, sound plays a big role in keeping the viewer interested. Chromavision has a booth set for multiple voice recordings with one of the largest music and effects collections in New York. Their services include Emmy-winning sound designers too.

Those who need a smaller project, such as an event or other project, can also call this company. Chromavision has filmed events, such as sporting matches and film premiers.

This New York company offers high-quality services for many types of clients. Some of their clients include:

   * Magnolia Pictures

   * Food Network

   * Starwood Hotels and Resorts

   * Explorer Films

   * Blue Man Productions

Chromavision has also done work for corporations as well, including American Express and Tupperware Brands Corp.

From color to sound, Chromavision has your project completely covered. Visit the website at to find out more about the company.