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The Benefits To Getting Dental Implants

By: Alex
Category : Health and Medical
February 13, 2013

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Many people lose teeth. It can happen in many ways. To some, teeth are lost as they get older, while others are involved in accidents where teeth are either broken or damaged to the point where they need to be removed. This can cause a lot of problems. First, the obvious one is that your smile can be directly affected by the loss of teeth. If you have lost one of the teeth that sits closer to your lips, then your smile will be more drastically affected by the loss than if you were to lose one further back. Regardless of where the tooth that has been lost was though, there can be some very serious health risks if you do not get it looked at by a dentist or orthodontist and consider an option like a bridge or dental implants in Greenwood Indiana. The reason for this is that once you lose a tooth, your other teeth actually start to shift. They do this to compensate for the loss of the tooth. This can be a large problem if the shifting is drastic - some people experience difficulty biting down or chewing effectively, and in the some cases your ability to talk can be directly affected by this shifting inside your mouth.

The good news is that you can get dental implants in Greenwood Indiana for whatever tooth it is that you have lost, for whatever the reason. Your smile does not have to suffer as a result of the teeth you may have lost, because dental implants look, feel, and operate the exact same as your regular tooth did. The procedure involves going into your mouth and planting a metal post in your jaw. The operation is fast and you are allowed to go home on the same day that it is done in most cases. After the post that has been placed into your jaw has healed, the person in charge of the dental implants in Greenwood Indiana will then attach a tooth to the base of the post, giving you back your smile. This tooth will be colored and shaped to match the teeth that you still have, so that your smile will look natural, without any large differences in color, size, or appearance. The comfort brought to you by choosing to get dental implants in Greenwood Indiana is more than enough reason to get out there and call a dentist today.