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DUI Attorney Fullerton Why You Really Need One

By: Alex
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January 16, 2013

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Driving under influence or DUI is a serious offense. It can get you into serious trouble with the law and you might end up in jail. A DIU attorney in Fullerton can help you out by reducing the severity of punishment. Although it might not always be possible to get you completely acquitted if you are fail the breath analyzer test or blood test, the lawyer can at least see that the punishment does not spell prison. For this reason alone, you need a DUI attorney.

You could be charged under one of the two laws that govern DUI in Fullerton – VC23152(a) and VC23152(b). VC23152(a) applies to driving after drinking. Part b is applicable when you undergo a blood test and are found having 0.08 percent alcohol level in blood. If you do not accept to undergo a blood test, you are booked under Part a.

Here are the repercussions that you might have to face if you do not have an attorney on your side to defend you.

* Penalty is slightly lower for first time offenders, although you could face up to six months in prison if alcohol level in blood is found to be 0.08 percent or more. You could face fines of up to $1600. Additionally, you also have to pay a Penalty Assessment tax. You drivers license could be suspended for four months to ten months. So, you become legally ineligible to drive during this period

* Punishment for first time offenders might include attending a DUI school for a minimum of three months and up to nine months, based on the level of alcohol found in your blood. Mandatory attendance to this school is necessary to get back your license. Community service is another penalty that you might have to face

* Besides imprisonment, the worst case scenario for a first time offender could be probation of up to five years

DUI attorney in Fullerton can help first time offenders very effectively and see that they face minimal penalty and no prison term. However, in some cases, an attorney might not be able to get you off a jail term. Here are a few examples of such cases.

* If the alcohol level in your blood is found to be more than 0.08 percent and there is a child below fourteen years of age in your vehicle. This amounts to child endangerment and a jail term is almost mandatory

* If the alcohol level in your blood is as high as 0.15 percent, a jail term is almost compulsory for first time offenders and mandatory for people who are not first time offenders

* If you injure or kill another person, or cause extensive damage to property, you will land up in jail

* If you are not a first time offender and refuse chemical test, you could face increased jail term

In such cases DIY attorney in Fullerton can fight on your behalf to reduce jail term. In some cases, the attorney might be able to get you home confinement instead of prison. However, monetary penalties could increase.

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DUI Attorney Fullerton Why You Really Need One