Dont Suffer a Robbery Protect Your Personal Belongings

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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It doesn’t matter if you have a commercial or residential building, there will be valuables about the place and these can very easily be forgotten especially in the work-place. There have been countless situations where an employee has left their wallet or purse on their desk; and when they step away from it, there it goes missing.

This can be very distressing not just for the employee in question but also their co-workers. No one wants the finger pointed at them, and it can be very hard to find out what exactly happened to the said wallet or purse.

It may not be that a co-worker took it because if you work in a busy office that has open access to visitors, any one of them could be responsible for this petty theft; and unless you have security cameras everywhere, there isn’t much else anyone can do except to start calling credit card companies and banks to report the cards that have been stolen.

To avoid this sort of thing from happening, many companies will give their employees a locker. But these can easily be broken into. Some companies have gone one step further, and they have a proper safe where personal belongings can be stored, and this is monitored by one trusted member or staff.

There will be one key, or combination, and only one person will have access to what’s inside; so if anything goes missing, it’s easy to see where the blame lies. This person will keep a detailed list of what each member of staff has given to them through the day, and they will tick these items off as they’re taken out of the safe at the end of the day.

This is the perfect solution to eliminating problems with missing wallets, purses, and other personal belongings that are of value to your employees; and they don’t have to cost lots of money either. In fact, having one place where everyone can put their personal possessions, instead of a whole row of lockers, could actually save you money in the long run.

It could also save you money, because if something does go missing, it’s likely you’ll have to put a claim in on your insurance to cover the value of that item, and this could push your premiums up.

It’s not just an office that will benefit from something like this; the home needs to have certain items protected as well. All too often, we leave for work in the morning, and there are precious items on show like the pair of earrings you wore the previous day or that expensive watch you got for Christmas. These days, thieves will want to be in and out of your house within minutes, so if they can see things they can fit in their pockets, you’re much more likely to suffer a break-in, and this is why it’s important you hide them away.