Why Buy Antler Chews for your Dog

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Pets

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Antler chews are animal cartledge and bone tissues that are only generated by members of the deer family. They are renewable annually. Only males (bucks and bulls) grow antlers annually, but the female of Caribou (reindeer), an Artic deer, also carries antlers. Most antler dog chews are made from elk, mule deer, whitetail, moose, fallow deer and red deer. There are several reasons why you should buy antler dog chews for your pet. 
These dog chews are readily available since they are annually renewable. The U.S. and Canada have a big deer population. Most of these antlers come from the Rocky Mountain. If you are in New Hampshire or in the greater New England region, you should go for antler chews New Hampshire because no animal is harmed to get the chew. Antlers fall off by themselves towards the end of winter. Some antlers are humanely harvested surgically from farmed deer. This is actually a good thing since it reduces the risk of injury, especially in the mating season. These antlers can also be deadly weapons against humans. 
Another advantage of antler chews is the fact that dogs have a natural instinct to search out and chew bones.  Unlike skeletal bones that have a soft center, antlers are solid bone and your dog will not break them. The chew does not shed or splinter, meaning your dog will be chewing it for a long time. This is advantageous in that you get to save money and you get unparalleled convenience since you do not need to run to the pet store every now and then. Keeping your dog busy is important because you will have more time to do other things. 
Antler dog chews are advantageous in that they are naturally rich in such minerals as calcium. This means your dog’s overall health will be enhanced. Antlers are not chemically enhanced and they do not contain preservatives or dyes, meaning they will not do any harm to your pet. 
Antler dog chews do not have any detectable odor to humans, but they have an appealing odor to dogs. You should go for antler chews New Hampshire because they can help get rid of your dog’s tartar. Tartar is the hardened plaque on the dog’s teeth which builds up over time. Although this is common, it is undesirable since too much of it can lead to gum disease, bad smell, pain and discomfort and even loss of teeth. Antler chews, together with rawhides and raw bones, can help get rid of tartar. 
Yet another advantage of antler chews New Hampshire is the fact that they help with a dog’s chewing problem. Dog chew objects when they are bored, when they have separation anxiety, when they are anticipating arrival and when they are teething. These chews prevent your dog from chewing on electrical wiring, which could be dangerous, and they protect your valuables. Antler chews last longer and are safer than chewing toys.