What You Need to Know About Selecting a Child Custody Attorney in Hollywood FL

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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When it comes to getting married, the couple makes detailed plans on how they want that day to go. Rarely do they plan on ending it. However, when they do realize the relationship is no longer working for them, it can leave both parties confused and hurt. When children are involved, things can become complicated and contentious. To help minimize the anxiety you, as well as the child, might feel going through the divorce process, one might consider hiring a child custody attorney. Here is what you need to know about selecting a child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL.

Education and Experience

You want to make sure when you’re selecting a child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL, the attorney is a degreed professional with experience in handling child custody cases. Unlike a regular divorce where division of property is the primary concern, in a divorce that deals with a child or children, there can be a tremendous amount of emotion displayed by not just you or your soon-to-be ex-spouse, but by the child as well because a new living situation will be a part of his or her life. With the anticipation of major changes in routine, you want to make sure the attorney you hire has the experience and the patience in dealing with a highly emotional situation and works to make sure a workable parenting plan is in place and the child will experience the least amount of emotional upheaval as possible.

Philosophy and Financials

The child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL, should have a philosophy that works well with yours. If your goal is to retain custody of your children with little animosity, you need to make sure you choose one who has a peaceful but firm style in handling your case. Another thing to consider is financial responsibility. You want to make sure you can financially support paying the fees necessary for a child custody attorney.