What to Look for In Your Quilting Machine and Why So Many Are Considering the Handi Quilter Option

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Small Business

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If you are looking for a new quilting machine and are interested in investing in a quilter to help with your favorite hobby, then you will want to make sure you take the time to find the right quilting machine for you. In today’s market, many are considering items that are in the line of Handi Quilter quilting machines, however, no matter what quilting machine you turn to, there are a number of things you will want to keep in mind before you invest in a quilting machine. These machines can be big investments, so finding one that will fit your needs is very important.


The reason that quilting machines like the Handi Quilter are useful in general is because they utilize technology to provide features and abilities that cannot be performed by traditional sewing machines. However there are other forms of technology that you will want to look for in any machine that you are considering. Make sure that the technology in your quilting machine is engineered to provide a smooth and even stitch every time you use it. Things such as touch screen technologies that allow you to create the perfect settings are also important as well as these menu options make it easier for you to use the quilter to your advantage to deliver the results you are looking for.

Multiple Options

Always make sure that you find a quilting machine that has different options to fit your needs and your budget. For example with most Handi Quilter machines you will be able to choose from multiple track, table and frame options with your machine.

Long Throat

A long throat is always important in any quilting machine so make sure you take a look at the length and size of the throat on the machine that you are considering. A quality throat will be over a foot long, with more advanced throats being up to 18”. These will make it easy to maintain a smooth stitch while quilting. Along with the long throat an expandable quilting space is also essential to ensure the process goes smoothly so look to see how much quilting space the machine can expand to accommodate.

Different Stitch Regulations and Speeds

Although most quilters will use the same type of stitch regulations, check to see if the product you are investing in has different stitch regulation and precision-glide track options. You should also make sure there are different speed settings to fit the needs of your upcoming project so you can be confident that this quilting machine will provide you with all of the functions and features you are looking for.