What to Look for Before Calling for Tree Removal in Glen Allen, VA

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home and Garden

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When you move into a new home you cannot wait to plant trees and make your house look like a home. While it is true that trees are a beautiful addition to any home, there are times when they are not as beautiful and could potentially be a disaster for your home. Calling a professional to help you with tree removal in Glen Allen, VA, is the best thing to do when it is time for the tree to go. Taking the time to educate yourself on the signs of a bad tree and when it is time to call the professionals is the best thing you can do for your yard.

There are many signs of a sick tree. Your trees may experience one or many of these signs, depending on how sick it is. Some of the signs to look for are obvious, such as dying branches, dead wood and significant cracks in the trunk. You might also notice the tree does not produce green leaves any longer. This is a sign that your tree has contracted a tree disease and needs immediate attention.

Other signs to look for when inspecting your tree for decay or disease are mushrooms growing at the base, soft wood throughout the tree and branch unions that do not seem as strong as they used to be. These are all signs of tree decay that should be inspected by a professional right away. Anytime the structure of your tree, such as the branch unions, is compromised, the safety of anyone around is at risk. In order to protect yourself and everyone around you, you need to call for tree removal in Glen Allen, VA.

When you inspect your tree, walk around and knock on various places on the trunk. If the sound is solid, you probably do not have decay. But if you notice areas where you knock simply crumble to pieces or feels soft, chances are you have decay and it is time for a professional inspection by a reputable tree service company.

When you are inspecting your tree, if you find cankers or areas of the branches and wood that do not have any bark on them, this is a sign of decay. Cankers do not automatically mean you have serious decay, but they are a sign that decay is present. If you notice many cankers or the tree seems weak in certain areas, it is time to call for tree removal in Glen Allen, VA. Your specialist can come out, inspect the tree and let you know if removal is your only option to keep everyone around you safe.