What To Expect During Microblading In Highland Park

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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Today, thanks to the precision process of microblading, women, and men in Highland Park have the option of having the eyebrows they have always wanted. This is a semi-permanent solution that is very different from tattooing and offers a natural, extremely authentic look of sculpted brows that perfectly highly the eyes and balance with the face.

This is a very precise process, and it should only be done by someone with extensive experience and an understanding of how to correctly shape and fill the brow area. Allowing someone without extensive experience and expertise can result in less than ideal brow shape or irregularly shaped brows.
The Process

The process involves using a specialized tool that just scratches the surface of the skin. These scratches are done in a uniform manner and in the same direction to create the look of individual eyebrow hairs.
Then, the specially designed pigment is applied to the scratches and is absorbed into the top layer of skin cells. As the skin heals, the pigmentation fades slightly, creating a very natural look that blends with any existing eyebrow hair. A second session is often used to fill in the brows and provide additional details to create a very realistic brow.
Drawing the Brows and Skin Prep

Before beginning the process, the professional in Highland Park completing the microblading process will carefully design a customized eyebrow shape. This is not the same as using a stencil or a template, which are often not balanced or specifically shaped for the client.
The professional completing the microblading process then applies a specially selected topical anesthesia to treat the area and prevent any pain during the process. The best professionals ensure the correct type of numbing cream and an adequate amount of time is provided to eliminate any pain.

The eyebrows appear darker immediately after they have been completed. Within a few days to a week they fade slightly, and a second appointment can be scheduled to perfect the brown shape and thickness.