What is the role of a real estate agent?

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Real Estate

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A Spring TX Real Estate Agent is a person who helps people either buy or sell a home or property. The property may be empty land or it may have another structure built on, often times a commercial property. A real estate agent must be up to date with the market value of different properties, also the agent needs to identify the positive and negative features of the property, how to best advertise and how to successfully negotiate a sale for the client. Often, a Spring TX real estate agent will work with various lenders and financial operations to help the buyer get the loan that is needed to purchase the property. Remuneration for the agent is through a commission on the sale.

Working with the buyer:

When the agent is approached by a home buyer he first must establish the type of house the buyer wants; the buyer’s budget and the locations that will be acceptable. Usually the agent uses the MLS, Multiple Listing Service to identify a number of properties that meet the buyer’s criteria. The agent then takes the potential buyer to as many properties as he has short listed, he explains the features of the house, gives his best estimate of the fair market value and answer any questions that buyer may have. If the buyer decides that he wants to make an offer to purchase, the buyer’s agent will course the offer through the seller’s agent.

Working with the seller:

When an individual wishes to sell his property, the Spring TX real estate agent helps to establish what the price should be set at, this is all based on recent sales of somewhat similar properties in the same area. The agent helps the owner by pointing out things that should be done to make the property more attractive to a buyer. His suggestions will be simple; keep the house clean, put a few decorative pieces in the rooms and paint if necessary. Once the home is ready, the agent advertises it for sale.

When a potential buyer shows interest in the house, the agent arranges to show the house, often the house is shown in the evenings when everyone is available. Once an offer has been made, the agent will advise the seller if the offer is reasonable and if the offer should be accepted or not.