Types of Repair Techniques by Service Providers for Foundation Systems in Honolulu

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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The foundation of a building is what keeps it standing tall and strong. Services for Foundation Systems in Honolulu are in charge of vital jobs such as stabilizing structures, re-leveling and underpinning. These jobs are important because a compromised foundation can be hazardous.

Concrete Re-leveling

Also known as house leveling, concrete re-leveling is the process of lifting a house to its original level. Before starting the foundation repair that results in re-leveling, the source of the problem must be found and corrected, so the problem doesn’t return. Bad soil conditions, under-slab plumbing leaks and damage to the structure can donate to a sunken structure.

House re-leveling for slab foundation homes can be accomplished in a few ways. Excavating from the home’s exterior and installing helical piers or pilings is one way. A chemical substance can be used to fill gaps in the foundation. Crawl space foundation homes can be re-leveled by putting pilings underneath piers. It strengthens the piers. Braces or rods can be used to make support stations more stable and cure sagging floors.


Underpinning done by Foundation Systems in Honolulu is a process that makes the foundation of a structure stronger. This is usually necessary when the foundation is unstable. The foundation is no longer able to support the planned loads safely. This repair work can raise settled foundations, make declining sinkhole conditions stable, and put expansive or collapsible soils back in good condition.

Underpinning is done by installing structures under the soil to shift a building’s load to soil that is more capable of supporting the foundation. Underpinning and grouting can be done to elevate settled structures.

Those needing foundation repair can call a chosen local company to get a free quote. Most companies can set up payment plans or financing for those who qualify. There is typically more than one solution for repairing the foundation. Foundation repair contractors will explain the options available for the unique problem so customers can make informed decisions. Customers are advised to make sure the company they choose is licensed and insured. Click here for more details regarding foundation repair. You can also visit them on Facebook.