Truss Displays Are Extremely Versatile

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Advertising

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Truss displays are used in a variety of situations, allowing for great versatility in design. When you are creating a memorable trade show booth for your business, it is important to use versatile options so you can make your booth stand out from the others around you. Before you purchase or rent this type of display, it is important to understand what you can expect from the use of this option.


Trusses are often used to hold lighting, even in sports and concert arenas. This is because the lights can be mounted in a variety of locations, as well as positioned to place the light exactly where you need it the most. The same is true when you make use of a truss display for your next trade show. Adding extra lighting is important to allow everyone who visits your booth a clear view of everything you have on display in your booth.


You can find truss displays in a variety of sizes to best meet your needs. Before you commit to buying or renting one of these displays, it is important to know exactly how much space you will have to work with at the trade show. Some of the most common sizes for this type of display include a 10 foot square, 20 foot square or 10 foot by 20 foot rectangle. Talk to the venue at which the trade show will be held to make sure you have purchased enough space for this type of display and whether they allow it.

Other Accessories

If you are considering a truss display, it is important to know how to best use the trusses. In addition to holding and positioning the lighting, these trusses are often capable of mounting speakers, monitors, banners, overhead projectors and graphics. Before you buy or rent one, talk to the company from which you will receive the truss display to find out if it has the stability you need for mounting any of these items.

Using truss displays can provide you with greater versatility when it comes to your trade show booth. This type of trade show display is perfect for mounting and positioning lighting for the greatest effect on the products you are displaying within the booth. They are also capable of mounting a wide variety of other accessories to enhance the experience. When you decide this is the best choice for you, you will also need to choose the right size to fit the space you have rented.