Three Types of Construction Accidents That Might Require Legal Representation

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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There are certain career paths that carry more risk than others. Anytime you decide to go into a job that deals with heavy machinery, construction or manufacturing, you run the risk of injury if you are not well-prepared for the physical demands of the position. There are cases where an employer does not provide the proper safety equipment or precautions for its crew. If you are involved in a construction accident in Chicago today, you do have the right to hire legal representation.

Here are three types of construction accidents that might require legal representation.

Slips and Falls

When you are hired for a job on a construction site, you will be vetted. Employers want to hire the most qualified candidates because it makes their job easier if they can trust you are going to complete your responsibilities with the utmost care. While you are going about your business and being careful, if you do slip and fall, and it was not your fault, you can hire legal representation when the accident leads to a severe injury. By law, if you slip and fall, you have to be sent to a medical professional. Then, you wait for the results and make a decision.

Swinging Objects

As you are exercising caution on a job site, if you are hit by a swinging object, you are entitled to seek legal representation. All machines have to be operated in a careful manner; otherwise, this kind of construction accident in Chicago today means you can seek legal help after a medical professional treats you.

Faulty Machinery

If you are injured due to malfunctioning tools or faulty machinery, you can seek legal representation. This kind of construction accident in Chicago today may not be the fault of your employer, but you can seek guidance and find out if you are eligible for compensation.