Things to Do At the Heathrow Airport during Transit

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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This is one question which is repeatedly asked when people have transit stays at the Heathrow airport. Although there isn’t much to do during transit stays of two or three hours, as most of the time is spent dealing with the luggage, going through immigration and airport security. Therefore, many people don’t have the time to go to Central London, which is 45 minutes from the airport on a train ride, and so they are stuck at the airport without any idea as to what to do.

The good news is, Heathrow airport is well equipped to take care of you, whether you would want to rest in the Heathrow Airport hotels, shop for books, bargains or souvenirs or simply explore the place. Following is a list of things that you can do at the airport if you aren’t up for watching passengers come and go as you wait.

1. Shopping

London has the busiest airport system in the world based on passenger numbers with six major and several smaller airports. And just like the city itself, the Heathrow airport too provides a haven for shopaholics. With huge brands like Harrods, Zara, Gucci, L.K. Bennet, Tiffany & Co, Dolce & Gabbana to the well equipped World Duty Free, to grab cheaper bargains. You can also purchase souvenirs for friends and family at stores like Glorious Britain available at Terminals 1, 3, 4 and 5.

2. Relax

If you have been travelling for too long or have a longer route ahead, then you can indulge yourself in the many lounges and spa’s available at different terminals. You can either opt for a relaxing massage at Jo Malone or a free five minute makeover at World Duty Free. You can also opt for Heathrow airport hotels to simply take a few hours nap.

3. Eat

No trip, no matter how short, is incomplete without getting a taste of the local cuisine. You can choose from numerous eateries, which range from popular fast food joints to smokers’ lounges, bars, cafes and fine dining restaurants. And while you are at it, get a taste of the local fresh produce at the M & S Simply Food.

Heathrow airport has something to offer to everybody, there are options for food lovers, shopaholics, art lovers, history lovers and for children and adults alike.