Thermal Spray Coating – How It is Applied

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Other

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Various industries benefit from thermal spray coating products. The technology contained within these coatings has progressed throughout the years and allows high-performance coatings to be used for metal finishing services in an effective and reliable manner. An experienced metal finishing company can help you reach your goals in terms of the coatings and protection you need for your equipment and components.

The Thermal Spraying Process
There are number of steps involved in applying thermal spray coatings. These steps include preparation, masking, coating application, finishing, and final inspection.

Molten materials often applied in this process for the purpose of generating a fine-grained finish on the surface of the material. The material formed is exposed to a flame that may be hydrogen or acetylene-based. Flame is then changed into a fine spray. The flame produces molten particles that are applied to the metal surface. The molten powder which contacts the service quickly solidifies. The part or component that is exposed to the finishing process is kept at a low temperature in order to mitigate any potential issues involving the compound. Cold processing is the name often ascribed to this process.

Benefits Produced
The above described thermal spray coating process enables you to take advantage of a range of options for your coating. There are various materials that can be implemented in powder form, allowing you to benefit from different coating options for various parts. The process may not be suitable for certain materials that require a higher melting point then the flame can produce or that may sustain damage when elevated to a certain temperature.

Metal Finishing Company Services
It’s important to depend upon a leader in the industry of industrial coating services in order to obtain the right thermal spray coatings for your products that match up well with your project requirements and specifications. The particular cutting a finishing company you choose to work with should have the right level of experience and a strong track record of fulfilling projects that are similar to yours in application and scope.

If you are in the market to utilize a thermal spray coating in your current project or application, contact an experienced specialty coating provider serving your area today.