Types of Space Saving Beds in Kalamazoo

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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A bed is a piece of furniture where a person sleeps. Many people will buy a bed in Kalamazoo.
There are many types of beds. Most beds include a base or frame, a box spring, and a mattress. The mattress is soft and springy and is used to support the back, neck, and head. Beds are available in many sizes. They start from an infant-size bassinet then progresses to a crib then to a toddler bed and then a single or double person bed.
Generally, an adult will have a queen or king size bed. These are designed for two people, but many single adults will opt for the same size bed for more room.
There are many types of specialty beds, such as space-saving beds.
A Murphy bed is a bed that folds into a wall. A Murphy bed is great for a small room or a guest room that does double-duty. These are great for saving space or for guests. The Murphy bed was invented around the early 1900s.
A sofa bed or sleeper sofa is a bed a couch that unfolds into a bed. The cushions on the couch hide the metal frame and mattress. The mattress on a soft bed is typically thin so it can fold up. The sofa bed was invented in 1899.
Another space saving bed is the futon. The futon bed originated in Japan. The western-style futon is a low slatted sofa with a thin mattress that unfolds into a bed. Unlike the traditional futons, western futons do not need to be air regularly.
A Trundle bed is a bed on wheels that can be stored under a normal size bed. The trundle is rolled out when needed and then pushed back under the bed when not in use.
Visit your local furniture supplier if you are looking for a space saving bed in Kalamazoo.