The Risks of On-Site Data Backup are Multitudinous

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Hardware

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Backing up your database on site is an insufficient and inefficient, as well as an insecure method of information storage. While many organizations and companies think that having second copies of all data is enough, the fact is that it still leaves your organization vulnerable to possible errors, and is not the most secure means of making sure that all of your data and information is protected. In most instances, data is not truly secure until an offsite data storage service is implemented.

One of the major flaws of relying upon an on-site storage paradigm is human error. Manually backing up hard drives and other equipment can not only be an arduous daily chore, but it can often be overlooked or forgotten. But more to the point, if your information and data is lost due to a natural disaster, such as a building fire or flooding, it’s like that your one site storage equipment will suffer from damage as well. Likewise, if the loss is due to corrupt files, or the presence of a virus or other malware, chances are that the data you backed up is already going to be infected, too. Moreover, if your loss is due to theft, there is no reason to believe that thieves will not take your backup equipment as well as your main computer or other equipment.

Offsite data storage guarantees that the information that you need to operate your business successful remains in a safe, remote location that is unaffected by human error, natural disasters, corrupt files or viruses in your system, or theft. This provides businesses with an extra level of security that simply cannot be equaled using any kind of local or on site back up methods for the storage of files. If anything does happen to your computer system, servers or in-house network on location, easy access from a remote site makes it possible to retrieve everything you need to successful continuing operations quickly as your business recovers from whatever kind of loss it has temporarily suffered.

Most offsite data service companies provide facilities that are highly secure and a safe environment for backing up any kind of data. Encrypted procedures are used using the latest technological methods, both in cloud technology as well as other methods of transference, to ensure that all of your data and information is stored securely and safely at a remote location that is under twenty-four hour security maintenance. Choosing a facility with an option for human monitors to double-check the transfer of data also adds value to your investment. ( provides data solutions such as offsite data storage customized to the needs of our clients. We are here as your front line defense against the losses that can cripple your business. Guaranteeing you have a person to talk to if you ever have a question, concern, or just want to talk about how to better protect your company. Contact us today for more information by talking to an agent at 888-253-4110.