Termites in Manalapan

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Pest Control

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Finding Signs Of Termites Near Your Home

As a homeowner, you can probably expect to find some kind of termite damage in your home now or later; tracking down and exterminating termites in Manalapan should be a priority as you continue to make improvements to your home. Even if your home was clear of termites at the time of purchase, the pests may have moved in since then. Older homes may be particularly susceptible to termite infestations.

Spotting an infestation early is critical to preventing serious damage to your home. If you can catch the termites before a colony has time to become established, then you have a good chance of limiting the damage to your home and saving yourself both frustration and money in recovering from the damage.

One of the most easily recognizable signs of termites is mud tubes. These are signs that there are termites tunneling in your soil. When the tunnels reach above ground, the termites leave the mud tubes behind as evidence of their presence.

Using a flashlight, you will then look anywhere on your home where wood or framing is exposed. The most likely place to begin your inspection will be the basement or crawlspace. Look for sawdust where it shouldn’t be and dirt-like termite droppings. There may also be termite wings left behind. You may also find mud tunnels inside your home. When you see these signs, use a flat head screwdriver to test the wood for damage. When you jab the wood with the screwdriver, damaged wood will sound hollow, will break away easily and the screwdriver will travel much farther into the wood then you are expecting.

Begin your inspection for termites in Manalapan by checking the exterior of your home. Termites usually enter your home through the outside. They move from affected wood or soil into the wood foundation and structures that make up your home. Termites dig tunnels inside the wood and the soil and when infected lumber comes into contact with the wood of your home the termites will move into the house. Some good places to check are new wooden structures that you have recently added to your home, such as patios, porches or other additions. Woodpiles are notorious for housing termites. While checking the woodpile for termite infestations, consider moving the woodpile away from the home.

Most homes have a cement foundation which rises at least six inches from the ground before the wood structures are added. If you have a place on your home where the soil comes into contact with wood, this will be an important area to watch for termites. You should also check anywhere on your home that allows for standing water or anywhere that has problems draining. Termites in Manalapan enjoy humidity and will move towards warm, wet areas of your home.