Stockwood Discovery Centre A Jewel in the Crown of Luton Tourism

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Travel

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Travelers and tourists from all over the world are able to find a variety of things to do, places to visit, and hotels to stay in when visiting London. In the same way, tourists looking for a holiday within a limited budget never get disappointed because of a wide variety of options in different areas. For example, one of United Kingdom’s well-known airports is London Luton Airport. Apart from its vast area coverage and large number of passengers, this airport is widely known for regular flights with low cost airlines. London Luton Airport is situated north-west of central London. However, tourists who land at this airport often prefer to find places to stay near London Luton Airport. There are three major advantages for tourists who opt for places to stay near London Luton Airport:

* There is great convenience in knowing that just a few minutes are needed to reach the airport for catching the flight back.

* From Luton, reaching central London is possible in less than half an hour via trains.

* There are amazing tourist attractions to explore in Luton itself.

When focusing on the last point, one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Luton is the Stockwood Discover Centre. With a span of approximately 100 hectares, the Stockwood Centre comprises of different areas to explore such as gardens, museums, golf facilities, etc.

Historical Gardens

The Stockwood Discovery Centre showcases the ‘period gardens’ – these gardens are made to highlight the gardening history across nine centuries. Some of these include:

* Cottage Garden

* Knot Garden

* Dutch Garden

* Victorian Garden


The museums in the Stockwood Discovery Centre have a treasure of collections on display. These collections can be categorized into the following types:

* Local History

* Archaeology

* Rural Arts and Crafts

* Geology

Furthermore, the centre is also home to Europe’s largest collection of horse-drawn carriages, named the Mossman Collection.


The Stockwood Discovery Centre also consists of art galleries with historical as well as modern art collections.

Tourists who are sensitive towards keeping their travel and leisure expenses within a certain budget should not miss a visit to the Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton. It is an exceptional tourist attraction where entrance is free.