Should You Hire a Private Investigator in NYC

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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You have been thinking about hiring a private investigator for some time but do not know if the time and the cost are worth it to you. Private investigators in NYC seem silly, almost a cliché. In addition, you are not positive you can even trust them. But chances are if you have been thinking about getting one, you probably should. People who are surrounded by those whom they trust do not constantly contemplate having their loved ones under surveillance.

Is He Cheating?

Why guess? It is true what they say in the cop shows; you do not want to ask until you already know the answer. Letting on that you suspect your partner is cheating on you will not make him suddenly confess; it will only make him start covering his tracks better. Is he working late but not bringing in more money? Why would someone with a partner go on vacation by himself? Find out the truth and become able to present your evidence with confidence.

Is Someone Suing You?

Fake bodily harm lawsuits are common. It is not hard to bribe a doctor, even if it is illegal. If someone is trying to gouge you for a lot of money, you should make sure his injuries are what he says. If you are involved in a court case involving this kind of lawsuit, private investigators in NYC is not just a good idea, it is a necessity. Without a private investigator, all you have is your word against his and his doctor’s.

Achieving Custody

If you are a parent battling for custody, it can be a difficult time for the entire family, especially your children. You can save a lot of anguish by making the case short and sweet. Disreputable behavior can be caught in action with a private investigator. You would do anything for your children so getting evidence of the reckless behavior of their other parent may be the best thing to keep them safe.

You Deserve to Know

When it is your word against someone else’s, there is no guarantee anyone will believe only you. Private investigators in NYC do not just observe; they take pictures, gather witnesses, and collect evidence. A photo of him going into a hotel with another woman is better evidence than a hair on his shirt. A video of him working out at the gym with his supposedly broken arm is better than you swearing the floor was not that slippery. And the surveillance tape of your ex going into a bar for hours and leaving your child unattended in the car and then driving home clearly intoxicated speaks volumes.