Scroll Air Compressor for Quiet and Oil-Free

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Business

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There are various sensitive work environments such as hospitals and dental surgery centers that have depended on 100 space percent oil free compressed air from high quality compressor units for many years. An industry leader in the supply of high technology compressors can develop and provide many types of units including the scroll air compressor for conditions in which oil free air is required. Some of these units can provide very low noise and vibration levels during their operation.

Compact and Quiet Scroll Air Compressors
As a compressor is moved closer to a particular workplace, the sound pressure level involved becomes more critical. However, scroll compressors flourish against these challenges with a truly whisper quiet and minimal vibration operation that is highly suited to environments that require relative quiet, including hospitals and laboratories.

Main advantages of a Scroll Air Compressor:
There are some important benefits associated with the use of scroll air compressors. They are as follows:

   *   Low vibration operation
   *   Totally oil free compression
   *   Low maintenance
   *   Space-saving
   *   Whisper quiet super silenced design
   *   Installation near to your workstation
   *   State-of-the-art control concept
   *   Modular design

Popularly Used in the Dairy Industries
A particular model of scroll air compressor provided by an experienced compressor supplier the industry is targeted at farmers with respect to milk production. Farmers can certainly appreciate the remarkably low noise levels produced by these units.

When you purchase from the leader in the manufacture of scroll compressors, you can depend upon the quality of these products for superior results.

High Quality Compressed Air
A particular type of scroll compressor referred to as an EO compressor – eccentric, oil free – operates with two compressor screws. One of the screws remains stationary while the other rotates in an eccentric motion. The two spirals intermesh with each other but they do not make contact. Air is drawn into a confined space that becomes increasingly smaller which results in the production of high quality pulsation free compressed air that does not contain oil. The efficiency of the unit is enhanced further through the operation of a two-stage aftercooler. One housing can contain up to four compressors if there is need for high free air delivery rates.

For more information about how scroll compressors can benefit your operations, contact an experienced compressor manufacturer today.