Reasons to Use a Tree Service in Neenah WI

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Home and Garden

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Trees are an integral part of any home’s landscape design. Most Wisconsin homeowners tend to take their trees for granted until a day comes when they look around and see them as if for the first time. Sometimes they see trees with problems: lightening strikes, insect infestations, broken limbs, scaling bark. Sometimes they see trees where they don’t want them, and other times they imagine trees that they wish they were there.

This is when they realize that they need Tree Service Neenah WI.

A tree service is a company that employs highly skilled professionals who know how to properly plant new trees, take down dead trees, prune trees in need, diagnose tree problems and in general, provide comprehensive care for your trees. Landscapers WI are a tree service’s first cousin, and one compliments the other. Working together, a tree service and a professional landscaper (and sometimes they are one and the same) can design a dream landscape from scratch or improve an existing one. They can create an outdoor living space that will provide a family with years of enjoyment. These are the people who can clean up your yard in the fall, plant your garden in the spring, remove dead or dying trees and grind out their stumps and control pests that would otherwise destroy your plantings. They know when to fertilize which plants with what fertilizer, the right kind and amount of mulch to use and whether or not you need additional topsoil. They also know the colors, heights, life spans, blooming periods, and spreading radius of more kinds of flowers, shrubs and trees than you can count. Some landscapers will also build retaining walls, install Koi ponds and design a patio complete with fire pit. Many firms are qualified to help solve drainage problems as well, in areas where the flow and collection of water threatens your the foundation of your home, gardens or other structures.

If your heart’s desire is to have a beautiful yard and garden that will delight your senses and compliment your home, then consider hiring a landscaping professional such as Tree Service Neenah WI, and it will no doubt be the single most important decision you make toward bringing your dreams into breathtaking reality.