Put a Corporate Caterer on Top of Your Event Planning List

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Food

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Whenever you are put in charge of planning corporate events, know that a heavy responsibility has been bestowed on you. The main concern is how to get the best corporate caterer on board and deciding on the menu. Another headache is planning how the attendees will be accommodated comfortably. While pondering over the menu, you need to consider people with diabetes, vegetarians and those with food allergies. These are some of the issues you must address whether planning a gala, annual general meeting, trade show or an employee gathering.

Corporate caterer Sugar Land service comes with a price. For the companies that can afford this service, it means having a successful event that will linger in the memories of guests for a long time to come. Interestingly, whoever attends a corporate event remembers the drinks and food more than anything else. This is where you need to deliver. Not many people listen to speeches especially with the prospect of good food in mind. Do not hold back on the menu. People do not expect companies to be stingy or choosy especially if it is a Christmas or end year party.

Here are tips on planning for successful corporate catering events.

1. Organize your key points. Know the number of people expected to attend. Ensure that the venue you have chosen is sufficient in terms of space and amenities. Make some inquiries about the VIPs attending the occasion. Do some background checks on their tastes, likes and dislikes. Find out what these people look for in corporate events. If it is a staff party, you already know your colleagues’ tastes.

2. Security. As the event is being attended by key customers and other top executives in the industry, you need to arrange for security. You can work in liaison with the corporate caterer who may give some useful insights on managing events. The security in question here is that of individuals and motor vehicles. Security firms may be contracted to provide personnel for the occasion.

3. Discuss with the corporate caterer on the menu for the day. Food must be impressive accompanied by enough drinks for everyone. There should be control over alcoholic drinks. Ask the caterer to make arrangements for the bar to be closed until speeches have been delivered and the main agenda items discussed. People can then be allowed to start drinking during the bonding session as they take their meals.

4. Engage the services of event planners to assist you in preparing and running the event. This will ensure that all amenities are in place and that the event begins and ends on time. Corporate caterer Sugar Land can make all these arrangements for you. This is their line of work.