What To Do Immediately For Your Case Of Business Litigation In Harrisburg

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Legal

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Every business owner should have an effective process in place if served with a lawsuit.  No one is ever happy when served in an official capacity with a summons for court.  When a business suddenly becomes a legal defendant in a legal complaint, it is absolutely imperative to immediately enlist the services of an experienced attorney for their knowledge in business litigation in Harrisburg for the likelihood of winning.

A summons is an official court document issued as a governmental notice summoning your appearance to court for a set date and time.  The summons has all the basic points you need to know such as the plaintiff’s name and the action process options required by the defendant of the lawsuit.  Make sure that two things immediately take place after being served.

1. Write down the date you were served.  This date is going to be necessary when the attorney you hire gets started with your case.  He or she will need the date to know when the 30 day response period ends.  Basically, the lawsuit claims need to denied or confirmed.  It is also in this time frame that a jurisdiction challenge is made, the service/ validity of the complaint is raised and a motion that challenges the complaint for not providing any viable actions to be done.  If no response is made, the judge will judge guilty against you.
2. Call an experienced, successful attorney NOW!  He or she should already be established in the law surrounding business litigation in Harrisburg, PA.  A betting man will never lay down all his money on a newbie with no credit and neither should you.  Never let something like this be the one thing you procrastinate and put off.  Business litigation is very serious and the attorney you hire requires the full amount of time allowed for building a proper defense and a strategy for your business’ case.

After doing these two things, start getting all of your documentation together pertaining to the case- both physical and electronic property will need to be given to your attorney right away.  Files, emails, memos, letters, recordings, media and calendars as well as anything else found should be located and gathered as soon as possible.  Things like financial records, invoices and payment data will need to be retrieved from all business computers, servers and files.  Have everyone verify three times over that all information and correspondence is found and turned over!  The attorney can only succeed if armed with all the information and records as well as correspondence.  Remember, write down the date and don’t waste any time getting in touch with an attorney if served with a summons in a case of business litigation in Harrisburg.